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To buy a CNC engraving machine in ningbo need how many money?

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Buy a CNC engraving machine in ningbo area probably how many money? Just follow below small make up together and see it: processing customized models SKM - is 481 h type engraving machine work form automatic product type new power rating 9 ( 千瓦) Overall dimensions 2200 x3500x2000mm ( 毫米) Maximum processing length of 2500 ( 毫米) The biggest processing thickness (200 毫米) Maximum machining width 1300 ( 毫米) The weight of 1800 ( kg) Feeding speed is 30 m/min scope in processing complicated shape and high accuracy requirement, varieties replacement frequent artifacts such as rated voltage AC380V SKM - / 50 hz specifications 481 h * high rigidity body structure, mechanical properties and after tempering processes, and the machine will never be out of shape. * 9 kw air cooling spindle (Italian Can match the gas drilling, C axis, composite knife shaft) 。 * three axis adopts Japan yaskawa servo motor and servo drive, fast speed, high precision. * use Taiwan PMI30 guide rail and slide rail, high precision, heavy load and long service life. * disc type plastic knife library ( Optional eight or twelve aluminum alloy knife library) 。 * Taiwan new generation control system. * Germany schneider electric. Japan's new treasure reducer. * Taiwan in frequency converter. * vacuum adsorption mesa, double electricity boards, four areas, were 32 holes. Such a CNC engraving machine in about 3 ~ 40000 yuan or so, specific negotiable or telephone consultation.
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