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Three woodworking engraving machine and what the difference between a single end woodworking engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Buy engraving machine, should buy the most suitable processing requirements it is the most valuable machines process engraving machine ( General is three in the first three working procedure, many first-time woodworking engraving machine salesman and customer will face such a problem, there are five processes but there are few customers processing needs such a machine) Woodworking engraving machine and ordinary woodworking engraving machine, how much the difference? Some 1, machine hardware, hardware accessories above will have corresponding change, These, some are multifarious customers can oneself to study) , due to the processing head is different. 2, operation difficulty, both the operating system is a bigger difference, of course, is not to say that the long engraving machine operation is on a lot of difficult, but the difference between the largest also lies in the software. On the contrary, the bulls engraving machine though the functions, operation difficulty is basically did not increase. 3, processing materials: single head of woodworking engraving machine can be longs to be able to machining, the machining data haven't changed much. You can say that. Such as all kinds of wood, acrylic, double color boards, PVC density board, artificial marble and aluminum plate, and other soft metal, multi-head carving machine still use. 4, scope of application: such as single end woodworking engraving machine processing scope has all kinds of doors, Windows, cabinets, screens, but the working range of the two function has a lot of changes. Wave plate and so on all sorts of need or the furniture of carve patterns or designs on woodwork carving and simple mould processing, the long wooden engraving machine can also be processed, but some complicated carpenter works of art and more elaborate carving machine products, advertising is not a single head carving machine to be able to do at this time, it must be long machine. 5, processing effect: ordinary engraving machine can do the most is the foundation of the flat carved with cutting aspect function, single head carving machine and long carving machine is actually the biggest difference is that both can do engraving effect is different. But bulls engraving machine can get more things, such as embossing, graven images, and of course the common function bull engraving machine carving can achieve. 6, suitable customer: able to understand choose bull carving machine or single head carving machine mainly actually see you increase the processing requirements, see above analysis believe that all our customers. If you are processing information demand is relatively simple carving or shaping, so the head of a carving machine enough meet your processing needs. If you need to more complex beautiful carving data carving patterns, carving machine so many process will be your best choice.
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