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Three-dimensional numerical control carving and milling machine tool selection of ball screw pair

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Selected feed drive with the ball screw pair, the content of the main consideration is: with 3 d CNC carving and milling machine tool positioning accuracy of screw precision, rigidity and moment of inertia of a ball screw. In the open loop and half closed loop nc machine tools, the precision of ball screw will directly affect the positioning accuracy of machine tools and precision of servo. In order to obtain high accuracy, high rigidity of the feed system, should choose high precision ball screw drive. However, with the improvement of precision of screw, the price also will rise greatly. In 3 d, therefore, under the premise of CNC carving and milling machine tool accuracy, choose corresponding precision lead screw is an important work of the designer. Yifan numerical control production of three-dimensional numerical control carving and milling machine tool selected three direction of the ball screw vice precision grade are level 3. Level 3 precision of screw by using some measures such as backlash and pitch error compensation, fully meet the demand of the positioning precision carving and milling machine tool. Stiffness of the lead screw is directly related to the size of the diameter, big diameter, it is good stiffness. If you want to make the feed drive system has enough rigidity, of course, want to choose the big screw diameter. However, with the increase of diameter, the moment of inertia also greatly increased. So is in commonly do both cases, select optimum diameter. The machine after design selected Z axis of the ball screw nominal diameter is 32 mm; X, Y axis of the ball screw nominal diameter of 40 mm. Engraving machine price information in yifan numerical control network.
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