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The spindle motor of engraving machine suddenly stops and cannot be engraved at the origin

by:Transon     2020-04-09
Although the engraving machine has many performance advantages that everyone likes, there will inevitably be some problems when it is used. If these problems are not solved in time, the problem may become more and more serious, thus causing the scrapping of the engraving machine. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to all aspects of engraving machine when using it. One: the spindle motor suddenly stops or turns slowly during the work of the woodworking engraving machine. Reason: 1. If the working voltage is unstable or overloaded, add a voltage regulator. 2. Check whether the intermediate line is connected well and whether the thread ends are desoldered. CNC engraving machine adopts advanced assembly technology, each factory machine has passed 72 hours of high-intensity quality inspection test, to ensure that the machine 0 failure, at the same time, professional and timely after-sales service team is also the first time to help customers solve the fault occurred in the process of using the machine, to ensure that the customer is the production accuracy is not affected. Two: Woodworking engraving machine can not be carved at the origin. Reason: 1. Whether the layout size of the file matches the machine. 2. Check whether there is an offset (OFFSET), Whether the layout is set correctly. Three: When the woodworking engraving machine starts to reset, it will make an abnormal sound or always damage the limit switch. Reasons: 1. The limit switch cannot be reached, and it can be corrected. 2, the drive line contact is not good, the drive line can be fixed. 3. The limit switch line is not connected properly. Just connect the line properly. 4. If the limit switch is damaged, replace it. Four: when setting the origin, the woodworking engraving machine sometimes offsets forward or right and the offset distance is uncertain. Reason: 1. The limit switch fails. In the process of returning the system to the origin of the system, the limit switch has been closed and popped up. Change the limit switch. 2. The drive line is loose. Try to fix it tightly. If the engraving machine in the use of the process of the above these problems, you can take corresponding measures to solve, so that its service life has also been extended.
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