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The selection of woodworking engraving machine should be based on its own processing technology

by:Transon     2020-02-29
There is actually a lot of knowledge about choosing woodworking engraving machines. Many people did not master the doorways when choosing woodworking engraving machines, so they did not get the products they wanted in the end. In fact, this is because everyone did not make sufficient preparations before choosing a woodworking engraving machine, so this problem will arise. As we all know, CNC woodworking engraving machine according to its different countertops, mainly divided into aluminum countertop engraving machine and vacuum adsorption countertop engraving machine. The former is to use aluminum profiles as countertops, and carved workpieces need to be fixed manually by rivets; The vacuum adsorption table is directly placed on the engraving machine table, which can be automatically fixed. Relatively speaking, the latter can save more time and be fixed more firmly. However, it is not suitable for all processing technologies. What type of woodworking engraving machine should be selected according to the customer's processing technology. Compared with the aluminum profile table-top engraving machine, the price of vacuum adsorption table-top engraving machine equipment is higher. Its structure consists of vacuum pump and high-quality electric wood board, which can be divided into six zones and eight zones for vacuum adsorption, this can enhance the adsorption function more; Vacuum pump power is generally 5. 5kw. When we process the plate, open the vacuum valve, and the carved plate will be fixed directly, which saves a lot of time than manual fixing, and the fixing is more stable, suitable for wooden door processing, large plate relief carving, however, it is not suitable for hollowing-out processing or carving workpieces with complete and uneven plates. When choosing woodworking engraving machine equipment, customers must choose suitable equipment training according to their own processing technology. Although vacuum adsorption can save a lot of time, it is not suitable for each user to process. However, the design of the vacuum adsorption table is unreasonable, and it is easy to have problems such as insufficient suction or air leakage during use. Therefore, when customers choose engraving machine manufacturers, be sure to choose a well-known engraving machine manufacturer with strength like this. In short, everyone must choose according to their own processing technology when choosing woodworking engraving machine, so that they can get their own satisfactory woodworking engraving machine.
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