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The influencing factors of woodworking CNC engraving machine price

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Woodworking CNC engraving machine price can differ because of its configuration and different, the price low configuration will be low. Here are the influencing factors of woodworking CNC engraving machine price: 1, the power of spindle and spindle tell from the way of working water cooling and wind cooling two kinds. The service life of air cooling than water, but the cost is higher. For water-cooled spindle is usually domestic air cooling spindle domestic production but also low price customers will recognize. 2, dust collection device processing wood materials, dust is extremely serious, too dirty for the service life of the machine tool or pretentious personnel is not good, it is recommended to use. 3, the lathe bed and longmen lathe bed now more for steel structure, two structures of longmen cast aluminum and square steel. Lathe bed and gantry structure and size directly determine the weight of the machine tool. In some ways the heavier the weight, the better, because of heavy weight represents the good stability, directly affect the machining accuracy. 4, drive system into the system and servo system step by step, step by step system is open-loop control, torque is small, accuracy is poor. 5 points and automatic lubrication system, maintenance and administration and two kinds of semi-automatic lubrication system.
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