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The characteristics of the CNC engraving machine object

by:Transon     2020-04-20
CNC engraving machine main processing object for text, pattern, texture, small complex curved surface, thin wall parts, small precision parts, the rules of the art relief surface, etc. , the characteristics of these objects are: small size, the complex shape, the fine product requirements. CNC carving only, and must use a small tool for processing. CNC engraving machine object pattern is the feature of complex, rich details, strange shape, fine products, to achieve the processing requirements, the small size of the cutting tool must be used as a basic tool, engraving cutter blade small less than 0. 5 mm or even to zero. Below 1 mm. Using a small cutting tool to engraving is one of the most basic characteristics of CNC carving. Carving the size of the products of high precision, good product consistency. Carving process as shown in the figure below. Here is CNC engraving machine carving process
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