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The characteristics and application of graphite engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Graphite engraving machine features: 1, the whole body and frame adopts pipe and flange beam structure, the scientific method, welding, after tempering treatment, eliminate gravity; Using the high precision square 2, three axis direction and the Z axis adopts four guide rail structure, no shaking, higher precision; Three axis are double nut high-speed ball screw transmission; 3, pneumatic tool change spindle spindle motor; 4, motor and drive are using Japan yaskawa servo system, the stability is higher; 5, system USES Shanghai d macro system, man-machine interface operation; 6, the whole machine adopts dustproof design; Guide rail and the screw are automatic oil lubrication system. 7, optional vacuum suction cup, cast iron platform, knife library. Graphite engraving machine applications: graphite engraving machine suitable for: fixture, electrode, highlights, car, train, ship, aviation, iron and other wood pattern after carving; Density board, aluminum, copper, graphite, bakelite, generation of wood, such as paraffin, plaster mould after carving; Cars, ships, yachts, rail transportation, etc. The styrofoam bubble ( 每股收益) The mold after carving; Mould in other industries: electrical appliances mould, lamp mould, ceramic sanitary ware, the 3-d surface large instruments, instruments, air conditioning, household appliances mould, auto mould, automobile interior trim mould, bumper mould, auto instrument desk mould, etc.
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