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Ningbo CNC carving and milling machine tool's choice of cutting tool

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Ningbo CNC carving and milling machine tool with different cutting tool can choose, different cutting tool has a different effect, followed below small make up together and see it: 1: solid carbide cutting tools than solid carbide cutting tools with indexable tool has the following characteristics: 1) Has more cutting edges. Under the same size, indexable tool with the need of function, the structure is distinguish between blade, knife pad, body, clamping device and so on several parts, and the intensity of each part and the process and limit their minimum size limit, so the number of teeth on the indexable tool can provide less than solid carbide cutting tools; 2) Have a higher rigidity. Indexable tool blade usually chooses steel manufacturing, and the elastic modulus of steel is only 1/3 of the carbide, so under the condition of the same solid carbide indexable tool is higher than that in usually ability of resistance to deformation of the solid carbide has higher rigidity. 3) Can be heavy grinding and coating again. Blade with indexable tool generally cannot compared to grinding, solid carbide cutting tools with the wear failure after through grinding and coating again and again to a certain extent, to restore the original processing capacity. 4) The price is higher. Solid carbide cutting tools especially the large diameter and long higher prices for solid carbide cutting tools. Because of the large size solid carbide need special manufacturing equipment, the price will be very expensive. Usually can provide solid carbide cutting tools on the market are not more than 20 mm in diameter. 2: ceramic cutting tool, cubic boron nitride cutting tools and diamond tool general ceramic cutting tool, cubic boron nitride cutting tools and diamond cutting tools are for higher efficiency than cemented carbide cutting tools, the price also will be higher. Ceramic cutting tool: high hardness compared with carbide cutting tools, ceramic knives, 91 - 95HRA) , good wear resistance, in the same cutting condition when machining steel material, the wear is only P10 ( YT15) 1/15 of the cemented carbide cutting tool, cutting tool life is long; At 1200 ℃ can remain 80 hra's high hardness, so can still at high temperature for high speed cutting; Its affinity with steel metal small, low friction factor, bonding and diffusion resistance is strong, not easy to stick knife when cutting and produce the devolop tumor, processing surface quality is good. Ceramic cutting tool, on the other hand, the disadvantage is brittle, bending strength and thermal shock resistance is poorer, when significant changes in cutting temperature, easy to crack. 3: indexable tool 1) Indexable tool is a good and will be processed in advance with a number of cutting edges of the polygon blade, using the method of mechanical clamp fixed clamping on the blade of a knife. When in use process after a cutting grinding blunt, as long as the blade clamping loosen, dislocation or replace the blade, make the new cutting edge into the working position, then through the clamping can continue to use. 2) Indexable tool compared with welding tool and integral tool has two characteristics, one is a dao body is installed on the blade, there are at least two cutting edges are processed for use in advance. The second stage is the cutting edge blade after transposition on the blade position remains unchanged, and with the same geometric parameters.
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