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Laser engraving cutting machine of the new investment hot spots - Craft gift industry

by:Transon     2021-01-08
China's gift industry accounted for the vast majority of the world on the output, varieties, the main consumption from three aspects: the first is the enterprise or business unit of procurement, for example, many enterprises and institutions in Beijing, with average consumption of gift stationery 10000 yuan each year calculation, the total spending billions, amount of orders from all over the country. Followed by household consumption, with Beijing as an example, calculated at 2 million households, each consumer presents an average of 100 yuan a year, is up to 200 million yuan of above. Tourism gifts is the gift industry growth, light passengers to Beijing is as high as hundreds of millions of people each year, as souvenirs for 100 yuan per person, the total amount is 10 billion yuan of above. Three major consumers to provide a good foundation for the development of gift market, and this development with considerable potential.

the emergence of laser engraving cutting machine, and was first introduced to the traditional process of modern laser technology in the production of gifts, and gradually formed a more material, craft, multi-function, high technical content, exquisite workmanship, combined with practical, has high added value and market competitiveness of modern craft gift.

the following simple introduce several kinds of laser engraving cutting craft gift:

a. Bamboo crafts

laser engraving of the bamboo handicrafts can show the evolution of the calligraphy style, genre, time period has a unique appreciation and collection value, is the best gift gift gaopeng. Laser engraving of sun tzu, celebrity handwriting bamboo handicrafts, such as production process is very exquisite, became a bookman, businessmen and politicians fondle admiringly of the collection.

2, pen holder, name card boxes,

laser engraving of all kinds of pen holder, name card boxes, all show individual character characteristic, has become a civil, political and business leaders fondle admiringly desk supplies.

3. Woodcut engraving

by laser engraving cutting machine will be a variety of texts, celebrity former trace figure, image, etc. And now all kinds of wooden boards, vivid, lifelike.

laser engraving cutting machine also can according to the different needs of users, to engraving on all non-metallic products, including crystal, glass, and not flat or concave and convex surface material. Is laser engraving cutting machine a wide range of applications, especially in craft gift industry, therefore has become investment hot

laser equipment factory LTT - provided by the company Skyriver series laser engraving cutting machine is widely used in craft gifts industry, machine integrating engraving, cutting function, which saved the cost for the majority of users, and greatly improve the working efficiency. Wonderful sculpture, unparalleled cutting, no matter how much your creative novel, LTT - Skyriver always brings you a heavy another surprise!
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