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How to choose engraving machine? How much is the woodworking engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-04-02
Engraving Machine itself also from the processing principle, can be called a variety of modes. Engraving Laser instruments are divided into mechanical engraving and laser engraving. There are clear differences in power. Engraving machines with wide application range are also very clear in application range. Engraving machines with low power are only suitable for use as double color plates or building models, however, large engraving machines can break through the previous shackles and have better use effect. Engraving Machine on the product. I don't know, all kinds of relief normal carving and other technical applications, in the technical introduction and application classification, multi-functional engraving machine selection has a very good effect. The engraving machine carries out frequency conversion control on the numerical control machine. There are two types of engraving machines, namely, ordinary engraving machines and engraving machines with vector control boards. This is also called one of the prototypes whose output power is proportional to the current engraving machine, direct rotation of the engraving machine, and the general high-performance engraving machine system on the concise amount, can solve the problem of engraving machine through the regulation of width and speed. The direct rotating control engraving machine has a good forming effect in communication and is suitable for granite, the carving of various raw materials such as marble and Bluestone can be seen from the classification of the system. The development of the engraving machine and the mixing of different motors are handy in application. Laser engraving machine and mechanical engraving machine can carry out rapid engraving of materials, but in daily maintenance, continuous operation, every mechanical operation and fault analysis, etc, all of them are very different. To understand, alarm failure, and general output problems, in the application industry, no matter what type of engraving machine, it is necessary to understand the performance and characteristics through comparison. In order to avoid excessive shortage of carving activities.
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