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How about sheet metal laser cutting machine, look at these!

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Plank is the earliest carpentry with real wood, used for making furniture or other living facilities, and in the development of science and technology of modern plate definitions, in the furniture manufacturing, construction, processing industry, such as the board that has a different material, including solid wood, wood and plastic board, medium density board, acrylic board, plywood, wood such as plywood, particle board,

in recent years, personalized plank industry is demanding and materials the double pressure of rising costs, facing increasingly marginalized situation.
the traditional plank treatment generally adopt the way of mold, mechanical cutting, but it belongs to rough machining, production cycle is long, the machining accuracy is not high also. As people on board the machining accuracy and production efficiency requirements increasing, the traditional processing way obviously can't satisfy the huge market custom plank industry demand.

laser cutting machine cutting acrylic

laser cutting machine for cutting wood

and came up with the advanced laser cutting technology to break the deadlock, it USES non-contact processing and automatic typesetting function, can reduce the machining deformation, the maximum to reduce materials waste; And high machining accuracy, incision without fracture, smooth, usually without post processing, processing product quality is better. In addition, laser cutting processing can produce was unable to complete the design and modelling of the traditional way.

so, laser cutting has gradually become the mainstream of the plate cutting processing way.

in the field of laser cutting technology is a high-tech product, its development for sheet metal industry, has opportunities and challenges, the two promote each other, common development.
to meet plank industry market demand, China laser laser equipment factory group integrates a variety of plank of commonly used specifications and common level, create a plank special laser cutting machine, the thickness of the support even higher up to 30 mm cut demand, realize the wood plate, wood plywood, MDF, acrylic sheet materials such as the high quality of processing.
plates special laser cutting machine, the most special thing is can according to customer requirements, processing of different products. With drawings, can through the computer control, immediately make good samples, greatly improved the flexibility of production of enterprises. Other laser processing material consumption, environmental safety, use process can help enterprise to save the cost and improve production efficiency.
China research and development of laser cutting machine, laser laser equipment factory group injected new vitality into the sheet metal industry.
not only such, laser cutting machine, combined with the creative blessing, it is & other; Luxury & throughout; 。

China laser equipment factory jun but there are instances, such as ALLT studio, the designer designed the seat of the laser cutting particieboard buckle card each other form a chair, to add on a soft white large cushion, forming a comfortable place. The cutting edge, the edge of the black protection and strengthen the original visual impact.

China laser equipment factory recommended products

CMA1325C - G - Non-metallic sheet metal laser cutting cutting bed H

reinforced welding lathe bed, large gantry milling, the tempering process, and vibration aging of eliminating stress and deformation of tolerance in & plusmn; 0. 02 mm; Beam structure USES the high strength aluminum alloy, compared with the traditional steel frame beam with light weight, small resonance, smooth operation and other advantages; Very suitable for density board, acrylic and other materials of the entire plate cutting.
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