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High speed machine matters should be paid attention to when processing

by:Transon     2020-04-25
Due to the high speed machining of high cutting speed and feed speed of the cutting efficiency is higher than the traditional processing of 5 - Ten times, and the high speed machining of cutting mechanism has more advantages than traditional processing, so the high speed machine machining technology in the aerospace industry, automobile industry, motorcycle industry and mould industry is widely used; The high speed machine in the process should pay attention to what? 1, about the current our country's economic CNC lathe common USES is ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor through a continuously variable frequency converter is complete, if there were no mechanical reduction, often at low speed main shaft output torque is lack, if cutting load is too large, easy to stuffy car, but some machine tool with a pinion gear on the very good deal with the problem; 2, the best tool to complete a parts or processing of a work shift work, big finish machining special will pay attention to prevent the midway to ensure tool can finish in one time in the edge of the sword; 3, with high-speed locomotive cut thread for using high speed as far as possible, in order to achieve high quality, efficient consumption; 4, the basic concept of high speed machining is feed than heat conduction speed, the cutting heat with iron filings to discharge the cutting heat and isolation of workpiece, to ensure that the workpiece is not warming or less, therefore, high speed machining is a selection of high cutting speed and high feed selection and matching of smaller turning back; 5, pay attention to the tip of compensation.
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