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Four axis high speed CNC carving milling engine bed

by:Transon     2020-04-18
Ningbo yuan yifan, CNC engraving machine co. , LTD. According to the demand of the market both at home and abroad and YF - to develop new products DO58 four axis high speed CNC carving milling bed favored by users. Four axis high speed CNC carving milling is a kind of double hydraulic locomotive bed horizontal wheel axis tool carrier face to face with the back of installation of four axis high-speed nc milling engine bed, hydraulic tailstock sleeve longitudinal mobile programming, effectively solved in turning up inside the long sleeve parts and USES the fast clamping fixture in a matter of efficiency. Four axis high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine > lathe has strong ability of metal removal and efficient and 2 t_ efficiency. Precision turning. High efficiency for its salient features. Four axis high speed CNC carving milling successful development of the engine bed fills the blank of this kind of numerical control lathe products in domestic. Engraving machine, engraving and milling machine price information such as prices in yifan numerical control net.
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