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Do you know the trick to avoid the failure of stone engraving machine?

by:Transon     2020-02-27
Many users are prone to dislocation when operating stone engraving machines, which is also troublesome to solve. In order for everyone to avoid this problem when using stone engraving machines, the following small series will share some skills of using stone engraving machines, this situation will not occur after mastering it. In the process of carving stone engraving machines, the carved objects are often misplaced, and we are often distressed to tell customers that their articles have been damaged during the carving process. Again, in order to avoid these problems, we explain the trick through the following operations: 1. Check whether the pliers or card head used for engraving is wrong? At the same time, the wear of the pliers or the card head of the stone engraving machine will also lead to the dislocation of the carved object. If the pliers or the card head is too tight, the moment the cutter head touches the carved object will also cause the carved object to pop up. 2. For those carved objects with irregular shapes, they seem to have been fixed tightly on the surface and will shake back and forth when under pressure. At this time, you can try to pad some waste materials under the object to increase friction. The other is to keep the packaging that comes with the item. Although the object is irregular in shape, the packaging that it carries may be very regular and easy to be fixed, plus a small belt, objects of irregular shape are easily fixed. Or try the tool to fix its regular parts and discard its irregular parts. 3. If the downward pressure on the carved object is great, consider whether you must use a cone knife nose. If the pressure on the diamond cutter head of the engraving machine is too great when moving during the engraving process, the pressure on the side of the tool will cause the carved object to move. If an incorrect diamond knife is used, the same problem will result. A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will engrave deep into the material, making the material move during the engraving process. 4. As stone engraving machines are often equipped with multi-functional pliers or clamping heads, which are made of iron, they are easy to cause damage to the carved objects or slide down during the carving process, then it will be helpful to choose some rubber caps or rubber pipes for fixing the carved objects. 5. For carving plastic patterns, you can stick the adhesive tape on the back of the carved object, then spray liquid glue on the side of the adhesive tape, and then stick it on a surface that can be invalidated, in this way, double-sided adhesive tape can be avoided, leaving a surface that is difficult to clean. Because the transfer tape is easy to peel and clean. Special carved tape is used. This kind of tape has stronger viscosity on one side than the other, so the plate can be moved or replaced at will. These methods can not only avoid the phenomenon of dislocation of stone engraving machine, but also improve everyone's work efficiency, which is a very practical skill.
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