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The type of small CNC engraving machine have?

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Small CNC engraving machine engraving cutter categories: small CNC engraving machine carved use tool types including flat knife, ZhuiDao, spher mill, cow nose knife, cone spher mill and various types of forming knife, etc. Different types of knife have the characteristics of different carving, suitable for different engraving. The type of small CNC engraving machine engraving: small CNC engraving machine engraving generally divided into coarse and fine carving. Rough carving for rapid resection for carving material, get products of roughly the shape, carving allowance. Suitable for curved surface rough carving knife type is generally flat cutter, strip cutter for ZhuiDao and ox nose; The actual shape of the fine carving for the model, the quality of the product mainly depends on fine carving. Suitable for fine carving knife type has ZhuiDao, spher mill, taper spher mill.
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