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The tendency of stone carving industry analysis

by:Transon     2020-04-18
In the purchase of stone engraving machine, both to look at the TCO of one-time investment; And should pass on the use of engraving machine life, stability, stop many aspects, such as efficiency, precision, service evaluation, look at the comprehensive benefit of engraving machine can purchase TBO, eventually choose to changsha - carved CNC business collaboration good companion! 2014 - In 2020, in the tide of market economy, advertising decoration decoration industry is regarded as a sunrise industry, white birds on the innovation of has been in a day. As a modern advertising decoration company, not taken or failed to use high-tech equipment to preempt the originally belongs to own the market, at any time are likely to be eliminated in the competition. In carrying out social in progress, science and technology, the request operators must be visionary, keep up with the pace of science and technology develop, seize market opportunities, can be in an impregnable position. Operator, we can't help but lament, a growing understanding of the market, understanding is becoming more and more deep; As we initially introduced to customers, the first by typing photocopying people rich; The first painted people are rich; There is a stone carving machine first did become rich; A new product develop a batch of yingjie, also marks the prelude to a battle, an opportunity, the timing of an industry reshuffle, many customers is my clairvoyance seized the moment to one another, and become a local influential, in intense market competition becomes very calm, this is new equipment and great social benefits brought by the close connected! Carving industry has entered the mature stage at present, a detailed performance is carve business has increased dramatically. Two years ago, when we from Shanghai to urumqi, from guangzhou to Harbin footprints all over the country, and spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to stop - carved stone carving machine market promotion and implementation, many friends don't understand this, failed to grasp this opportunity, as soon as possible Stone carving machine in a twinkling of an eye has become one of the pillar advertising manufacture, become a indispensable consumer devices. Just now you have the equipment, have business to do, the machine don't have to stop, unlike the previous two years business is very difficult to carving to win; The second is customer request is higher and higher. From working number, organic signs to crystal, PVC words, has been the vast user, under the business increase with male fierce was many peers unexpected; High-end customers in order to demonstrate its corporate image at the same time, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, and puts forward the three dimensional sign request, this should say is the demand of the market, is to enter the industry newcomers a new opportunity. Three is more and more intense market competition, profit more hasten is reasonable; With the increase of stone carving machine capacity, carve business profits by dozens of times to adjust now situation, let a man in real real feeling by the magic of the marketplace; Objectively speaking, the sculpture business investment return rate is still several times in other industries, put forward the higher request, only on the equipment after the request of carve machine performance more stable and practical work faster, utility ratio of the data can be promoted to a stronger, higher, the applicable scope is more extensive; And for the user, main is to choose an appropriate itself to meet the market demand of equipment, to suit the needs of market competition, because competition among companies is actually a competition in which has sophisticated equipment, technical competition, talent competition. As long as from time to time to update equipment, advances in technology, cultivating talents, talents forever.
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