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The application of carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Engraving and milling machine application: 1. Engraving and milling machine processing of copper, it is necessary in the mould processing, high speed engraving and milling machine function, can be in the process of electrode production, achieve high degree of finish, high precision features, so the model is preferred to the processing of copper industry. Already can be used for small precision mold processing for a long time, carving and milling machining small die than processing center has a great advantage, small mould open less coarse, engraving and milling machine of the coarse ability can be competent in basic, carving and milling machining finish are comparable to those obtained with JinKouJi, engraving and milling machine can use small tool finish machining, spark machine must be used to clear a lot before Angle, engraving and milling machine now can be processed directly, improve the efficiency, save the cost. The other carving and milling machine is cheap, so engraving and milling machine is very popular in the middle of the precision mold making. 2. Engraving and milling machine not only can be used in the processing of copper industry, can also be used to machining lever, smelting equipment. 3. Engraving and milling machine is also more and more application in product processing. Used for processing of aluminum products, processing speed, high accuracy, direct coupling spindle structure processing is not easy to play more than drilling and tapping center knife. 4. Engraving and milling machine can do embossing processing. 5. Because of the economy and practicability of the engraving and milling machine, have great popularity in the market, the future engraving and milling machine used more widely, can say machine tool industry in the future must have engraving and milling machine.
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