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Plastic products can be seen everywhere, dongguan plastic laser marking machine together

by:Transon     2021-01-08
Ubiquitous plastic products
today, plastic is widely used in industry, agriculture, industry, packaging, household and other fields, the plastic products can be found everywhere in the society and life. And with the modified plastic product, its material way of tag with the upgrade, also from the traditional ink play yards further upgrade to advanced dongguan plastic laser marking machine. Of the dongguan following

lighting lighting plastic laser marking machine: modern all kinds of LED lamps and lanterns, the lamp holder, lamp shades, turn off the lights and lighting accessories all need to use laser information tag.

electronic appliances: in the electronic industry, dongguan plastic laser marking machine is mainly used for mobile phone adapter, headphones, shell, computer mouse, pervious to light the keyboard as well as a variety of electronic accessories such as plastic products surface engraving and pattern marking.

food and drink, in order to product more beautiful, and the products are anti-counterfeiting and management effectively, all kinds of food and beverage also gradually using advanced dongguan plastic laser marking machine.

dongguan plastic laser marking machine laser beam through the enormous energy gathered on the plastic products, thus some logo on the plastic, the graphic, manufacturer information, product parameters and marking instructions and other information effectively, it overcomes the traditional equipments of high pollution, high ink, high fault, high maintenance, and easy to eliminate the problem, etc. And become an indispensable processing plastic market tools.

plastic market time, huge downstream industries for the development of China's plastics industry provides a strong support, and the fusion of dongguan plastic laser marking machine, will be to the plastic products industry in our country for a new spring again.

ball steep light special optical fiber laser marking machine
▶ suitable for plastic ( PVC / PC / PU) , ABS material, epoxy resin material such as marking, multi-station workspace with multi-dimensional rotation, meet the demand of bulb 360 degrees of marking.

fiber laser marking machine ▶ suitable for all kinds of metal, plastic products the quality of the marking.

CO2 laser marking machine ▶ suitable for plastic, PVC, wood and other fast precision marking of the vast majority of non-metallic materials.

uv laser marking machine ▶ make up the lack of outside red laser machining, applicable to metal and non-metallic materials of fine precision marking.
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