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Ningbo computer engraving machine working principle and applications is introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Ningbo computer engraving machine working principle is as follows: computer engraving machine, by computer engraving machine engraving machine controller and a host of three parts. Working principle: is a special sculpture through computer configuration software to carry on the design and layout, and the design and layout of the information by computer automatically sent to carving machine controller, again by the controller can convert the information to drive stepper motor or servo motor with a power signal, Pulse sequence) , control engraving machine host generation X, Y, Z three axes carving knife subgrade diameter. At the same time, the engraving machine engraving head spins, by processing materials configuration tool, for fixed on the host workstation's processing materials for cutting, carving it out in the computer design of various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to realize the automatic carving homework. 1、电脑雕刻机由计算机、控制器和雕刻机雕刻机是由三个部分组成的。 工作原理:利用计算机配置中的特殊雕刻由计算机软件设计和排版,设计和布局的信息自动传输到雕刻机控制器,控制器信息到这些可以驱动步进电机或伺服电机功率信号( 脉冲) 、控制雕刻机产生X, Y, Z三轴雕刻切割路基直径。 同时,雕刻的雕刻机高速旋转头,通过处理材料配置工具,固定在主机工作台加工材料切削,可以雕刻在计算机设计中各种平面或三个 维浮雕图形和文本,实现自动操作。 Ningbo computer engraving machine is now widely used in various industries. In advertising and building decoration industry, the use of computer engraving machine is the computer lettering make again after takeoff. Computer engraving machine can engrave the market rate is higher and higher, double color plate products are moving into the epidemic periods. Ningbo computer engraving machine has two types of laser engraving and mechanical engraving, these two types have high power and small power. Because of engraving machine has a very wide range of application scope, so it is necessary to understand all kinds of carving machine most suitable scope of application: 1, badges: low power laser engraving machine ( Mirror) , high power or low power computer engraving machine; 2, the building model: large and small power computer engraving machine; 3, metal ( Mould, chapter, etc. ) Processing: large and small power computer engraving machine ( High power for each cutting is more save time) ; 4, crystal word production: high-power laser engraving machine, More than 50 w) , high power mechanical engraving machine; 5, wood, organic glass, man-made stone signs such as: high power mechanical engraving machine; 6, exhibition, exhibition model: high power, large mechanical engraving machine.
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