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NCUT - The development of the ME30 type CNC carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-18
CNC engraving and milling machine is the numerical control technology and carving, the combination of the milling process, is a kind of general-purpose nc machine tools. Similar to ordinary numerical control machine tool, CNC engraving and milling machine by CNC system control carving milling motor according to the processing program code, engraving, milling, automation. According to the characteristics of the CNC carving and milling machine, someone NCUT - is developed ME30 carving and milling machine and develops the corresponding numerical control system control software. Machine body adopts three-axis linkage, ball screw, Germany, South Korea grating ruler, etc. , and comply with the relevant safety standards; Control software is based on a PC or solid high GE30SV IPC + motion controller composed of hardware platform and WinXP + VC6. 0 software platform to build, composed of the software adopts the modular and object-oriented design thought, has good openness, operability and maintainability, implements the NCUT - The actual control ME30 type CNC carving and milling machine operation. The machine speed, high precision, low noise, good stability, friendly man-machine interface, easy operation, suitable for industrial mould manufacturing, art processing reliefs, personality stamp nameplate production, decoration industry, printed circuit board processing, etc. ; In addition to colleges and universities teaching requirements, the use of open control system, through the different control wiring and software control, can constitute a half closed loop and closed loop control system, all to meet the requirements of scientific research, teaching and students internship.
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