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Longmen carving and milling machine processing characteristics

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Dragon carving and milling machine processing characteristics: 1, parts processing of strong adaptability, good flexibility, can be processed outline special complex or difficult to control the size of the parts, such as mold parts, body parts, etc; 2, to common machine tool will not be able to process or it is difficult to machining parts, such as the complexity of the mathematical model of the three-dimensional curved surface parts and parts; 3, can be processed after a clamping positioning, require more working procedure processing parts; 4, high machining precision and machining quality is stable and reliable, pulse equivalent of CNC equipment is commonly 0. 001 mm, the high accuracy of numerical control system can reach 0. 1 mu m, in addition, also to avoid the numerical control processing operator error; 5, production automation degree is high, can reduce the labor intensity of operators, is advantageous to the production and management automation; 6, the machine tool for fuel-efficient small processing center, household production, high precision, three-axis servo, spindle servo control, convenient operation; 7, the spindle components adopt Taiwan famous brand spindle unit, using dynamic balance calibration equipment, direct spindle dynamic balance correction, make the spindle at high speed, avoid to produce resonance phenomenon, to ensure the best machining accuracy.
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