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Laser cutting machine operation staff should have what conditions

by:Transon     2021-01-11
For today's manufacturing enterprises, the major problem facing is: 1, hiring difficult 2, high labor costs 3, alternative product updates quickly. So each enterprise boss want continuously through automation machinery and equipment to save the cost, improve the state of the industry. Laser cutting machine in Europe and the United States is relatively common, single for our Chinese enterprises at a fledgling stage, can only say that believe that has been used in the next few years or even decades. Laser cutting machine to keep up with the need of modernization by technology, quality and cost reduction advantages by rapid popularity.

what kind of person that is suitable for the operation, laser cutting machine?

for our machine operation, the difficulty is not great. The first is to computer basic operation skill, and some layout drawing software such as: coreldraw, cad drawing software, etc. Like driving a car, the main technical points is not much, but the main technical points of the feeling is very important, and the need to accumulate experience, so the laser cutting machine operators must be stable and skilled operators to do the following:

a. Can reasonable layout. On the premise of material and the product is concave and convex set for typesetting, to display the material limit, and at the same time, improve production efficiency.

b. Can adjust the cutting speed according to the product quality requirement, avoid to produce slow speed cutting non-conforming or exceed the quality requirements. The maximum potential play to laser cutting machine.

c. Can adjust the right according to the thickness of the material, material parameters, to avoid excessive waste of energy parameters, thus in energy saving and prolong the service life of the material.

only by use of such a laser cutting machine operators, can stable long-term effective development. Now looking for someone with a stable operation difficult, looking for an experienced staff more difficult, if often replace operation, to develop is a waste of time, the company also has effect on the development, so enterprises need careful when choosing personnel.

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