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How to use laser engraving equipment used on the following processing to make money

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Early the following is a common engineering plastic material, more appearance usually without modification, though practical, but cannot satisfy the consumer advocate aesthetic psychology. Now many mobile phone, the metal is used to decorate the appearance of the mobile phone. In mobile phone shell, following and laptop realization of text or design custom laser laser engraving, becomes more and more popular now. Many young people like on their own following, laser engraving on the cool, pattern, or carved some special words. Optical fiber laser marking machine also can be in various following from plastic material, aluminum alloy and silica gel carvings on the text. The customer can use fast way to satisfy some of their customization needs. After the laser marking does not fade, can give a person a kind of upscale. Laser company LOGO on the mobile phone shell, mobile phone cases, laser personality patterns, sculpture, writing pattern and so on, have permanent, not easy to be wear and tear.

about laser engraving following, blank following from the purchase price is very cheap, only two or three yuan, the cost of each metal material could reach 5 yuan, but through the optical fiber laser marking machine engraving following, the price of selling out for at least 20 yuan or more, the price turned over several times. If it is directly on the cell phone shell carving, the cost is cheaper, and the price does not poor.

laser engraving following from actually selling is not following, but laser engraving the service, and the service providers, is only a laser marking machine. So as long as investors themselves really mastered the technology of laser laser engraving, to meet customer demand, want to make money is also very easy.

character following custom market after has experienced the growth period of the beginning, in the next few years will continue to maintain rapid growth trend, now a lot of personality following custom products have appeared, increase the heat of the purchase. Consumption upgrade, especially in the developed area for the following personality is a huge increase in demand! It is because of laser engraving following from money, also lead to the development of the optical fiber laser marking machine.

use our laser equipment can greatly reduce the processing cost and improve the production efficiency.
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