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How small CNC engraving machine maintenance?

by:Transon     2020-04-22
Small CNC engraving machine rotation way: the small points three drive for CNC engraving machine, screw transmission, rack and synchronous belt transmission. Small CNC engraving machine drive system: the engraving machine drive system are two main types of step by step into the system and the private server system, step by step to step away from the Angle of system belongs to a half closed loop system accuracy calculation, private servers system completely belongs to the closed loop model with measurement feedback system. Small CNC engraving machine maintenance: 1, small belong to precision CNC equipment, CNC engraving machine should not be taken apart and on the premise of not understand adjust electrical accessories, especially the frequency converter. 2, longer maintenance to the machine, to ensure that the machine lubrication, often dust removal, etc. ; Keep the guide rail, screw clean, lubrication. 3, CNC carving spindle motor, must guarantee the circulating water system, cooling spindle. Spindle motor protection: if there is a sculpture of motor stalling or motor speed is not well, please immediately cut off the power supply and maintenance. 4, small CNC engraving must be ground wire, one is to ensure the safety of the machine, another is to prevent electrostatic interference. 5, to determine whether the voltage conforms to the requirements, should be in voltage 210 v - Between 230 v, if do not conform to the regulator must be used. Choosing a voltage stabilizer must choose high quality.
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