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How small CNC engraving machine for knife?

by:Transon     2020-04-23
How small CNC engraving machine for knife? Small CNC engraving machine has determined after carving machine coordinate system is the same, but the workpiece in the machine tool processing installation location is within the scope of any size, if needs to determine the positions of the workpiece coordinate system in CNC engraving machine, will depend on the knife. In simple terms, the knife is tell engraving machine machine tool clamping workpiece on the workbench, this should be determined by the knife point position in machine coordinate system. Of knife point is clamping workpiece positioning in machine tool, is used to determine the workpiece coordinate system in machine tool location datum. To ensure the correct processing, when the program, should be set to the point. In general, small CNC engraving machine for persons to the cutting point on the workpiece coordinate system origin so to ensure the accuracy of knife, reduce the error. Small CNC engraving machine operation procedures: 1, before the operation to check each part of the machine tool lubrication and protection device meets the requirements; 2, to select appropriate cutting tool, jig; 3, to observe if there's any loose for workpiece clamping, if there are any loose should immediately stop, to prevent parts; 4, small CNC engraving machine comply with process planning, CNC system are not to be edited within manufacturing plant set parameters and operating procedures; 5, CNC engraving machine operation after the small, wipe machine, clean up the work site, disconnect the power supply. The characteristics of small CNC engraving machine: 1, the strength: powerful, suitable for more applications; 2, compact structure, shape, convenient and durable; 3, speed, high speed, high efficiency; 3, cost savings, high cost performance, fully saving the cost of investment.
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