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How is the control mode of advertising engraving machine classified?

by:Transon     2020-04-07
Advertising engraving machine role has a lot of, its work efficiency is also very high, I believe that the use of people know these contents. Next, let's take a look at some of the more unpopular knowledge, such as the control method of the advertising engraving machine. The following content is a detailed introduction to this problem: the emergence of advertising engraving machines has greatly improved the engraving speed, reduced costs, liberated labor, and truly realized the replacement of labor by machines. So how to choose the engraving speed of the advertising engraving machine is the most appropriate, and only in this way can the best effect of engraving be achieved? Regarding the engraving speed of the advertising engraving machine, this requires us to understand the control mode and speed selection of the advertising engraving machine. Below we will introduce the three control modes of the advertising engraving machine. The control methods of the advertisement engraving machine can be divided into three types: A. All the calculation work is completed by computer control. The computer is in working state when the advertisement engraving machine is working, and other typesetting work cannot be carried out, this may fix the misoperation of the computer and cause waste products. B, using the control of single chip microcomputer, this kind of controller can typeset while advertising engraving machine works, but can not turn off the computer, which is actually equivalent to saving 7 computers, and reduce the waste products caused by computer misoperation. C. USB port is used to transmit data, and the system has a memory capacity of more than 32 M. As long as the file is saved, you can completely leave the computer, turn off the computer or do other typesetting. This method greatly improves the working efficiency of the advertising engraving machine. These are several different advertising engraving machine control methods, everyone can choose according to the actual situation in the process of use.
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