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How do computer engraving machine engraving

by:Transon     2020-04-20
Everyone should have encountered this kind of circumstance, that's what we used to machining stone can appear rugged phenomenon, so how to deal with this kind of phenomenon, here small make up to take you to solve: when we are in the left corner of cutter material, may be this is the material of high or low, in the actual carving this formal computer carving carving two-tone chance to happen. In order to avoid a two-tone carving is carved on the origin of the beginning will separate the x, y axis and Z axis. XY material left corner position, again the Z axis moves to material located in the middle. If the material is too big, when the carving should be divided into 3 three, respectively, of the origin. Carving mat under the material when something, try to make the material level. Computer engraving machine GT400 movement control CARDS
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