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How about the price of rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine

by:Transon     2021-01-08
How about the price of rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine? Rubber sheet rubber as the main body, include materials such as fabric, sheet metal, after vulcanization and form a certain thickness of sheet products, it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation and housing ground, etc. Used for gasket, rubber pad, door seal and laid a table and floor.

with the development of laser industry, as well as the application of the rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine is more and more widely, making the role of rubber sheet is becoming more and more big. Application of rubber sheet is no longer confined to the industry, life and work on all sorts of commonly used products are gradually widely used rubber material. So, how about the price of rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine?
rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine is specialized in non-metallic laser cutting machine for cutting rubber, its working principle is the same as other laser cutting machine, all is the use of high energy laser beam in the material surface, is formed by processing materials cutting seam. Rubber plate laser engraving cutting function on the rubber plate cutting, carving, hollow out, punch, therefore, for rubber plate making more interesting and good products.

and different processing technology, different processing level, its processing equipment model and width and power are different, so the price of rubber plate laser engraving cutting machine and different nature. Domestic non-metallic laser cutting machine is 2, 30000, less than the hundreds of thousands of, it is recommended that the customer in serious evaluation, and make product proofing and then choose cooperation manufacturers, avoid unnecessary loss.
such as the domestic well-known brand manufacturers in China laser laser equipment factory group, its CMA1309 - B - A universal laser cutting machine, has the following advantages:
1, equipped with our company independent research and development SmartCarve software and motion controller, adopting high speed interpolation motion algorithm machine of high speed and running smoothly;
2, support Ethernet ( 10/100M) And USB2. Zero transmission, USB transfer rate of 12 m, largest longest distance of 5 m;
3, power support continued carving, preview, preview and working hours can be accurate to millisecond;
4, support the dynamic display machining track and coordinate point, real-time display and tracking of progress.
China laser laser laser equipment factory is a professional rubber sheet with laser engraving factory, to provide you with full range of laser equipment, professional security pre-market after-sales service, if necessary, feel free to contact us!
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