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High-speed woodworking engraving machine in Mr. Knife?

by:Transon     2020-04-18
High-speed woodworking engraving machine in the actual machining process will encounter many problems, one of the more common situation is the knife, the so-called dao refers to in the process of machining, tool suddenly plunged into the workpiece, the cutting tool fracture, workpiece rupture, etc. , then appear this kind of situation, what should I do? When woodworking engraving machine in Mr. Knife phenomenon appeared in the process of machining, the operator need to equipment the abrupt stop switch button immediately, stop the processing. Then check whether the workpieces have been broken, was carried out on the main shaft, generally in need two hours. If tool belongs to the category of the sword, and then you also need to check the engraving machine machine tool accuracy is affected, if the accuracy of the machine tool is affected, so need to adjust. From many cases can be analyzed, Mr Dao many times because of error or malfunction with the machine itself, so before carry on the processing, the equipment must pay attention to check, at the same time to skilled operation, so that you can avoid cutter.
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