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High-speed CNC engraving and milling machine matters that should be paid attention to in the overhaul

by:Transon     2020-04-22
In the use of high speed CNC carving and milling machine, to prevent an accident, or damages to the machine tool, in the process of maintenance must abide by the following principles: 1, when the high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine can't work normally query related manual operation instruction, ensure that proper measures should be taken. 2, failure, press the stop button on the operation panel, the high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine stop working. 3, when two people work together, it is necessary to establish the link between each other, in order to start a new job steps before notice to each other, to ensure personal safety. 4, repair or replace components, he has to shut off the power, and use the padlock lock switch on the key position. 5 and maintenance in the process of instrument must be calibrated, and regularly check the cable, wire is damaged, prevent leakage or electric shock. 6, a lot of electrical components installed on the machine, the installation position of these components are susceptible to cutting fluid, oil, dust, the influence of high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine fault was in large part caused by these components. Because most of the components of the operation, maintenance is simple, according to the users themselves can detect fault and repair. According to the need of note is that suitable to use only the specified components to replace damaged parts.
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