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Foshan fabric laser cutting machine, how about the price of brand which good

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Foshan fabric laser cutting machine which brand is good? At the beginning of the laser laser equipment factory in China since the establishment, China's fabric laser cutting machine laser equipment factory brand has always been customer's welcome a laser cutting machine. Foshan, dongguan, guangzhou and other large and small manufacturers in the pearl river delta is using the & other China laser equipment factory & throughout; Brand of CMA series fabric laser cutting machine. Foshan fabric laser cutting machine specific price can be consulting China laser equipment factory online customer service.

China laser equipment factory fabric laser equipment recommendation:

CMA1610 - 场效应晶体管, C automatic feed dual head laser cutting machine

stability, the circuit design, strong anti-interference ability; Multi-document function which can realize power continue to carve; Bring their own display row material cutting function; Suitable for cotton, linen, leather, chemical fiber and other textile fabrics of high speed cutting, widely used in the industries of textile garments and bags shoes.

MC275 - D - A triaxial dynamic laser carve patterns or designs on woodwork machine

USES Germany Rofin original CO2 laser, equipped with excellent triaxial dynamic marking system, good performance, compact structure, excellent stability, strong anti-jamming capability, ensure system running on high speed in long time; Outside the light path transmission system of optical components are imported, good cosmetic effect; Meet of carve patterns or designs on woodwork leather materials, such as punching, marking process requirements.

fabric laser cutting machine laser equipment factory in China should allow manual monotonous, blend in hollow out, carve patterns or designs on woodwork craft fashion agitation, make intelligent fashion ideas, bring unlimited inspiration to costume designer

with the development of laser technology, laser technology of hollow out, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, punch and other elements slowly fermented in the fashion industry. Fabric laser cutting machine can be arbitrary graphics for a variety of fabrics of accurate cutting, more than two-thirds of textile fabrics can use laser to make all sorts of digital design. But also there are a number of well-known designers have to laser technology application in the clothing design, the fashion is full of fashionable feeling.
in the first place, through runway fashion show to feel the fabric and fabric laser cutting machine meet the wonderful time!

laser cutting & ndash; — By flexible laser cutting effect, make the interesting lines or fine geometry stitching on the dress, deducing the life of art and creativity.

laser hollow out & ndash; — Textile and leather fabrics, give attention to two or morethings in CNC programming auxiliary hollow out & other; Modelling & throughout; The perfect present, explaining the future
move feeling and elegant.

laser tassel eagerly & ndash; — With concise sharp line draw the outline of the fashion attitude of jing, is like concealed the perspective of tassel, writing a feminine sex appeal and individual character.

laser burn flowers & ndash; — Using the software design graphic design, typography, processing, laser technology gives new life, flowers to show the power of science and technology innovation and beautiful.

laser drilling & ndash; — Aggregation of the power of the laser and beauty to & other Hole & throughout; Elements for fashion footnotes, torn traditional monotonous and boring.

fabric laser cutting machine, as a new kind of machining tools, with its high processing precision, high speed, simple operation, high automation degree, in leather, textile and garment industry gradually gained popularity. , for example, the traditional textile fabric production process needs to wear away, gourd, embossing, such as processing, the laser firing in this aspect is simple rapid and flexible, clear pattern transformation, stereo sense is strong, can fully show the essence of all kinds of fabric texture and other advantages.

foshan fabric laser cutting machine price according to the different configuration will be different, you can consult laser laser equipment factory of China's wheat 0769 - beauty to customer service 89838888, look forward to your call!
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