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Fabric laser cutting machine, eagerly anticipates the clothing fashion trend!

by:Transon     2021-01-08
As the change of fashion trends change, the avant-garde clothing for processing demand is higher and higher, the birth of fabric laser cutting machine, greatly promoted the development of the clothing fashion. Fabric laser cutting machine, then, is how to affect the fabric made of? Below we together to see see!

spring/summer 2016 runway trends, a few big brands are headed by Gucci played a brilliant flowers in the wind, is can't help but think of the famous & other; Spend for charming eyes throughout the &; With flowers series as hot popular element, always can give a person the sense of pleasure.
hollow lace: gorgeous girl and literary breath in

Gucci2016 flowers of spring and summer fashion week
perspective: dust above is added fresh and elegant
Dolce& Gabbana2016 spring and summer fashion week

fresh printing: nobility and humorous, gentle and romantic
Alexander McQueen2016 spring and summer fashion week

flowers overflowing: fashionable exotic mix agitation restoring ancient ways
Elie Saab2016 spring and summer fashion week
the flowers become under design master artist, highlighted the contour of the three-dimensional flowers arranged to fashion, at one fell swoop for garment endowed with vigor, winking.

rural flower always gives people a feeling of the wizard of oz, and flowers series is the young girl will into the elements, laser younger sister this year will start with a lot of broken beautiful clothes! In addition, the laser younger sister also know that like the floral elements of beauty, is to pass the fabric laser cutting machine cut off a light, using laser cutting technique index, adjust the intensity of light, heat, and the corresponding power equipment, to ensure that the fabric can be a right, precise cutting.

in order to meet the requirements of clothing designers and clothing industry related businesses, recommend two laser equipment factory group, Chinese clothing industry commonly used fabric laser cutting machine to you, liberally.

recommended: CMA1610 - FET automatic feed double baldheaded fabric laser cutting machine

recommended: CMA1610 - T- A general fabric laser cutting machine

fabric laser cutting has been contributing to the trend of garment industry great power, is engaged in the clothing fabric processing friend don't hesitate, contact the laser cutting machine laser equipment factory fabric latest price!
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