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Daily cleaning method of nc carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
CNC engraving and milling machine is a kind of precision carving and milling, it can be cut, can also be used in milling, peacetime attention to the use of cleaning maintenance, to extend its using life. Mechanical like people is the same, often do seem to some energy. There are a lot of people think carving and milling machine don't have to be clean, in use at the proper finishing the mesa. Why? Because they all thought, engraving and milling machine operation process itself has a lot of dust, that is to say, it is used in the dust, if every day to arrange, it would be much trouble. Consequently, many is not only not finishing, and let the machine is filled with things, it is not right. Engraving and milling machine is used for more engaged in machining, powder, dust is more. Use of attention should be paid to insist on the lead screw, such as polished rod parts clean and smooth, timely cleaning the dust and gas to the driving part; Operating personnel should timely cleaning, gas, electric plug pull is prohibited. More than that, engraving and milling machine maintenance at ordinary times is also quite major: 1, engraving and milling machine under continuous operation time every day for 10 hours, to ensure that cooling water cleaning and normal operation of pump, absolutely cannot make the water-cooled spindle motor presents water shortage phenomenon, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high. 2, engraving and milling machine, each machine using the end, attention should be paid to arrange, make sure the dust on the channel and the transmission system clean, timing, A week) The drive system ( X。 Y. Three axis Z) Smooth and refueling. 3, engraving and milling machine machine if long time don't have to, should be regularly ( A week) Come on empty go, to ensure the transmission system's flexibility. 4, engraving and milling machine timing ( According to the using situation) Arrange electric dust in the cabinet, check the terminal screw is loose, to ensure safe, reliable circuit application. 5, engraving and milling machine timing ( According to the using situation) Check the machine parts screw is loose, etc.
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