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types of laser machines for removing unwanted hair

by:Transon     2020-09-05
Over the years, laser hair removal treatment has been greatly recognized.
Innovative approaches to permanent hair removal solutions have become necessary regardless of gender.
But it is recommended that you choose the best laser hair removal clinic as it is a sensitive treatment.
Doctors and doctors must be experienced and trained in handling laser instruments.
However, there are a variety of laser instruments used to remove ugly hair, but each has its own features.
You must understand the nature of your skin and the techniques that suit this tone.
There are 5 kinds of laser hair removal tools, namely, Purple emerald, diode, Nd: YAG, Ruby and IPL.
As a customer, you should know the machine that must be used on your skin.
If your skin is white and your hair is dark, then you should go for a laser hair removal treatment with emerald stones.
But never use this method on dark skin.
Laser hair removal clinics use laser rays that penetrate through the genuine leather and heat the hair dry, which in turn disable hair follicles.
This is a permanent solution to prevent active growth of unwanted body hair.
It works for thinner and thinner hair, but can cause pigment changes such as darker or brighter skin.
This is a fast solution to remove hair by continuous wavelength laser, capable of penetrating a total depth of 755mm.
DiodeThis is another laser hair removal technology that provides the best results for people with shallow skin.
It also works for people with dark skin.
The diode machine produces a much longer wavelength than other lasers, which is the result of the laser light being triggered from a combination of small diodes or semiconductors.
Laser hair removal clinics usually apply this method to patients with deeper skin.
Deep penetration, longer wavelength and the ability to handle larger areas are some of the positive features of diode laser processing.
There is a possibility of redness and swelling in the skin, but if you follow the doctor\'s advice, you can overcome temporary problems.
Nd: YAGIn Nd: YAG laser hair removal treatment applied two different wavelength lamps to patients with deeper skin.
The invisible infrared rays go deep into the hair SAC, while the green light handles the hair sac on the surface of the skin.
This is a permanent solution but has less impact on fine hair and white skin.
If your skin tone is tanned or darker, Nd: YAG can help you successfully remove those unwanted hair.
Ruby and IPL therapists do not like to use Ruby laser therapy because it affects skin pigments, a very old-fashioned treatment.
But if your skin is too white, do it.
IPL or intense pulse light is used to remove unwanted hair on the face and eyebrows.
It uses high frequency light on the shaft, which is an effective long light
Term hair removal technology.
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Doctors were trained to use modern laser machines.
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