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The uniqueness of stone engraving machine rotary engraving?

by:Transon     2020-04-09
The uniqueness of stone engraving machine rotary engraving? Stone engraving machine is durable and strong, the speed of the knife is fast, the characteristics are summarized as follows: 1, can complete the calculation of the tool path at one time, do not need to repeatedly rotate the workpiece. 2. The tool path can be divided into rough machining to reduce finishing allowance. 3. There is no need to expand the rotating workpiece when calculating the rotating engraving path. 4. The angle range and length range can be set by oneself to realize local rotation processing. The processing of rotating tools with different rules usually adopts multi-face rotating positioning processing, and there are always traces between different processing directions. However, the stone engraving machine adopts the integral mode of rotating shaft to generate an automatic closed rotary engraving processing path without marks.
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