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The transformation of nc machine tool industry in China

by:Transon     2020-04-21
CNC carving and milling machine in our country has experienced 30 years of development, from the initial growth period has entered the mature period, the current products are mainly divided into four categories: metal cutting CNC machine tools, such as nc cars, milling machine, etc. Metal forming nc machine tools, such as CNC bending machine, CNC combination punching machine, etc. ; Numerical control special machine tools, such as CNC laser or plasma cutting machine; The nc technology of machining tools, such as automatic assembly machine, industrial robots, etc. In view of the manufacturing equipped with high-end CNC machine tools and foundation for developing the equipped with manufacturing in China key support role, in December 2008, Ministry of Science and Technology launched & other; High-grade CNC machine tool manufacturing & equipped with toes throughout; Serious special national science and technology, the main aim for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile four big industry and power generation equipment. In September 2010, the State Council passed the State Council about accelerate the resolution of cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, & other; High-end equipped with manufacturing & throughout; As one of seven strategic emerging industries, is listed as the key category. Serious special enforcement and accelerate to cultivate strategic emerging industries, shows our government has made about the development of high-grade CNC machine tool and the foundation with determination. “ 11th five-year plan & throughout; During, & other High-grade CNC machine tool manufacturing & equipped with toes throughout; Special project was a total of 200 subjects, serious funds total to surpass 9 billion yuan. Serious special after two years of implementation, to speed up the development of high-end products industry key enterprises, promote the quality of the enterprise product promotion and branding. “ Five-year & throughout; Period, high-grade CNC machine tools, CNC system and function parts center technology would be a focus of funding, and compared with the special of the first two years of serious, high-grade CNC system as a separate project is put forward for the first time, at the same time function, key components and digital tools system and instrument parts ahead of time. Estimate & other; Five-year & throughout; Period, nearly 3 billion of the central government will be half open CNC system, cutting tools, bearings and other products consumption, research and development of leading enterprises, nc machine tools is expected to be & other; Five-year & throughout; During the number and quality of complete synchronization.
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