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The maintenance point of high-speed machine in winter

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Extreme cold weather and moist environment can reduce the reliability of the high speed machine, can make the connectors and printed circuit board rust, machine tool electrical failure will increase. Therefore, in the severe winter weather, we should pay attention to the maintenance of high-speed machine. What should we maintain the high speed machine? 1, in order to improve the precision of machining parts, reduce the deformation of machine tools, such as conditional, high-speed machine can be installed in a relatively closed factory. 2, working environment should be less than 75% relative humidity, higher humidity, an integrated circuit will produce dust adhesive, and cause a short-circuit. So should be pay attention to the working environment in rain and snow weather, try to keep dry. 3, high-speed machine should be installed in places far from the splash, and prevent the workshop dripping. Stay away from too much dust and corrosive gas environment, at the same time away from the larger vibration equipment ( Such as punch) And there are electromagnetic interference equipment. 4, high speed machine should be placed in the constant temperature environment, working environment temperature should be between 0 to 35 ℃. Prevent sun direct illuminate the influence of thermal radiation, high speed machine on to avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. In general, the numerical control electric cabinet with internal fan to keep electronic components, especially the CPU working temperature or constant temperature difference is very small. Extreme low temperature or unstable will lead to lower control system component life, and leads to failure. At the same time, the interior should be equipped with good lighting equipment.
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