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The characteristics of small carving machine is introduced

by:Transon     2020-04-26
Small engraving machine USES is open loop control system, it is not only easy to control, but also has the characteristics of the debugging is simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. At present, based on the light, electricity, machine and liquid in areas such as the development of technology, many small engraving machine integration has a larger increase, realize the effective integration of cross-border technology, function and performance improved, can satisfy the precision machining, mold, plane figure, advertising and other industries of many requirements. Small engraving machine has the following characteristics: 1. Small engraving machine adopts a structure of the spindle motor or two motorized spindle structure, and can with high speed spindle, generally can reach ten thousand turn above speed per minute. In the processing of soft metals such as aluminum, magnesium and copper, due to the high speed cutting movement can obtain high surface quality of components, and can significantly improve processing efficiency. 2. According to the structure of the CNC milling machine, small engraving machine usually have workbench mobile and longmen mobile two structures. Relevant research experience, according to the mechanical structure of the movable table has relatively good overall dynamic stiffness, bearing the workpiece weight is bigger. While longmen mobile structure has the advantage in terms of flexibility, the second is to ensure more easily engraving head motion precision. 3. According to the requirements of the purpose and functions of small engraving machine, it is generally used for general machining accuracy, the second is limited to the cost consideration. Open loop control with simple structure, easy to implement, debug, maintenance is convenient, and its precision can satisfy the general requirements and the economic and reasonable price.
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