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The characteristics of high-speed carving and milling machine

by:Transon     2020-04-24
High speed engraving and milling machine it is one of the nc machine tools. Is corresponding to the traditional carving machine of numerical control machine tools. Most think carving and milling machine is the use of small tools, high power and high speed CNC milling machine spindle motor. Engraving machine's advantage in carving, if processing material hardness is larger also can appear out of puff. The emergence of high-speed carving and milling machine can fill the gap between the two. High speed engraving and milling machine can engraving and milling, is a kind of high efficiency and high precision nc machine tools. The nature of the high-speed carving and milling machine: the first point: precision carving and milling machine carving milling precision is high. A, all the things with computer control, the controller can be held at the same time of carving machine things typography. Has more than 32 MB of memory system, the main point is greatly improve the efficiency of the engraving and milling machine thing, its load ability and precision connecting ability is strong. Acceptance of USB port to transmit data. Engraving and milling machine in the thing when the computer is in what situation, such about solid waste caused by the wrong operation, commissioning test precision can be carved one and a half arc circle and cube. The second guide rail, engraving and milling machine must accept imports more than 25 mm square model of guide rail, usually in plus or minus 0, you can completely away from the computer right now, shut down the computer or other layout, about 008 mm, but can't shut down the computer. Unable to hold other things - as long as the survival after the file, guaranteeing the high quality high speed engraving and milling machine, the balance is actually a computer.
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