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The answer | it is necessary to know about the principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine

by:Transon     2021-01-11
It is well known that optical fiber laser cutting machine laser as the light source is the use of fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is one of the important role. So the principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine, you know how much again? Today China laser laser equipment factory together with you to reveal it is necessary to know the answer.

in the first place, optical fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of size, used to detect the laser energy and the signal real-time feedback to the laser power supply control system, the increase in the back-end laser in an energy detection device, compared with theory set energy, can form a closed loop control system, to achieve the purpose of accurate control of energy output.

second, like general cutter, its light path system is made up of mirror reflection, together with the focus lens focusing laser from laser emitted by after focusing lens reflection, and generally has three mirrors and a focusing lens.

in addition, such as water cooling system for the equipment to provide stable working conditions; Independent Autolaser laser cutting editing software can be directly imported, Coreldraw, CAD and other file format for material processing; Equipped with high performance control panel can support multiple languages switching work, import file through the USB port, realize to work offline.

in the end, the principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine without auxiliary gas such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, can be presented to the cutting head fast cutting gas to reduce the cutting material surface temperature, reduce the flue gas, blowing dust cleaning. The recommended reference laser laser equipment factory this CMA0606D - China G - B high precision optical fiber laser cutting machine, has the following characteristics:

1, the overall machine casting, has high accuracy and stability, effectively eliminate the high speed cutting process of shock.

2, twin screw, double motor traditional system, with functions of high speed arc cutting.

3, automatic lubrication system, transmission parts and maintenance-free, corrosive materials can be cut.

4, and have power, frequency and speed follow function, effectively reduce the corner cutting hair is yellow.

as of metal processing industry in the international economic weight increasing, the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine also gradually spread, and when you know more after the principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine, for you to choose, use and maintenance of equipment has a considerable effect, as the pioneer of the laser industry laser equipment factory in China, to provide you with professional laser application technology solutions, to reveal more about laser cutting machine for you the answer.
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