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Text, design, processing requirements and processing method

by:Transon     2020-04-18
Carving milling different from the traditional sculpture, more specifically, milling, and utilization of conical milling cutter, spherical milling cutter or ordinary milling cutter. ( 1) The edge of the engraved lines according to certain depth; ( 2) Would like on the stele engraved inscription engraved lines, line width of deep processing, narrower processing too shallow; ( 3) Liu will not be part of the line according to certain depth, and keep a line, like the form of a mirror; ( 4) , contrary to the third kind of form, the depth of the lines in a certain time, and keep the rest of the place. In view of the above four kind of requirements, in accordance with the need to take the corresponding processing method. The programming of four processing methods can use computer graphics scanning vector quantization input, processing, AutoCAD editor, or directly on the AutoCAD drawing. And then the automatic programming form processing instruction; Scanning is the main source of design. With four processing requirements of the above four processing instruction generation methods are: ( 1) Will scan of the input image file, after extracting the edge of the vector processing form the DXF file, after editing in AutoCAD, then treated with automatic programming software and generate the processing instruction code; ( 2) Will scan of the input image file, extract the centerline and paragraphs line width vector of DXF file formation, after editing in AutoCAD, then treated with automatic programming software to form a processing instruction. Here, the key point of programming is to use the taper parameters of conical milling cutter with the width of the line into the depth of the z coordinate in proportion; ( 3) Here processing instruction has two parts: the part is concave down part of the workpiece processing instruction; The other part to make the words on the workpiece or graphics of the contour line of the edge curve smooth and stroke processing instruction; ( 4) The fourth kind of graphics processing and programming method and the third form similar, only machining parts in the inside of the line. Bitmap graphics file after processing get DXFJ vector quantization, on Auto CAD edit - first And then through the automatic programming software of processing instruction, which makes the system have strong programming function; For can be directly on the AutoCAD design pattern, you don't need to scan input; For a more simple design, but can be by direct input processing instruction manual programming. Engraving machine, engraving and milling machine price information such as prices in yifan numerical control net.
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