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Ningbo computer engraving machine is applied in what kind of stone

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Ningbo computer engraving machine can be applied to a variety of stone material, not limited by material hardness and softness, in addition to the engraving process, does not damage the original stone material, and production speed, adapted to the modern mass production. Computer engraving machine not only restricted by material hardness and softness, at the same time, it is not affected by the size of the equipment limited, carved small part or a large sculpture, will be able to perfect. Through the precise calculation of the computer, for mankind to create more practical items. Such as some of the most common is groove or jade carved stone, when a lot of jade carving belongs to a kind of handicraft, but also there is a practical use. Has been preserved monuments of the ancient poetry culture, jade carving inherits the ancient treasures and ancient carving techniques. In the field of stone carving technology exert the cultural legacy of the city and the real significant role. In today's society of the anti-war and technological progress of industrialization, marketization derived dedicated to carving machine, computer technology in a certain extent, realized the carving skills transfer, carving products more significance is to People's Daily life.
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