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Ningbo computer engraving machine debugging steps

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Ningbo computer engraving machine debugging steps are as follows: 1, edit, modify, and debug program. If the first trial cut must be running on empty, make sure the application is correct. 2, according to the technological requirements, installation and debugging good jig, and clear the location of the iron filings and sundry. 3, according to the requirements of positioning clamping workpiece, ensure accurate and reliable positioning. May not be incurred during the process of machining the workpiece with loose phenomenon. 4, installed to use the tool, if it is a processing center, you must make the cutting tools on the knife library blade number, and in the program. 5, according to workpiece programming on the origin of the knife, set up the workpiece coordinate system. If the cutting tools, with more than the rest of the length of each knife separately or tip position compensation. 6 cutting tool radios compensation, setting up good. 7, confirm the cooling fluid output unobstructed, adequate flow. 8, the workpiece coordinate system established to check again whether it is right. 9 at various points, more than ready to rear can machining. More than nine steps is ningbo, computer engraving machine debugging the order of the steps.
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