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Ningbo carving and milling machine what particular advantages

by:Transon     2020-04-23
Ningbo top part of the engraving and milling machine to fit the demand of high speed, high precision machining. Such as high speed spindle generally choose two. 1-000 RPM, cutting torque 2 n generally choose gas cooling method. The other is 2. 2 - 7. Within 5 kw chosen capacitor high speed motorized spindle, speed below 30000 RPM, cutting torque is 3 - Water is generally selected 9 n. Ningbo carving and milling machine to make up for a general nc machine tools ( Milling machine, drilling machine, etc. ) Processing function of a single, and the lack of product processing center processing small interest is too high, to supply the development of China's manufacturing industry with a high cost performance of the new machine tool products, engraving and milling machine is our new army of nc machine tool industry, engraving and milling machine currently has a good prospect. Ningbo carving and milling machine can be in accordance with the order in the performance of the processing order active in knife, the knife, etc. Engraving and milling machine notice dandruff is less than 30% steel processing, non-ferrous metals and graphite free cutting material such as high-speed fine processing. Carving and milling center necessary equipment library and pneumatic lock knife shaft. Ningbo carving and milling machine advantage is introduced here.
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