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Ningbo carving and milling machine how to choose and buy

by:Transon     2020-04-24
Ningbo engraving and milling machine to choose from the following several aspects: one, the classification of engraving machine: from the function to see computer engraving machine engraving machine is divided into low power and high power engraving machine two broad categories. Engraving machine engraving machine brands: the production technology of relative to the carving machine is much more complex, and carving machine is different from many writer, it is a lot of carving machine manufacturers in the early development of engraving machine and has not been the cause of the product. Three, look carefully carving machine operation demonstration: fine print can be seen that the precision of engraving machine carving, high-power carving can be seen that the application scope of engraving machine. Four, carving machine, consumables and software applications: carving machine consumables should be very low, the general engraving machine should be able to apply common lathe tool, the price only ten yuan. Five, the carving machine control part: carving machine control section is divided into two categories. The first is to use the computer control and its control part is power drive. Six, about engraving machine: lk carving pause with high power frequency conversion motor, power cut at the same time, the machine has both fine processing, combining high-power cutting and precision machining. Advising clients to carving and milling machine, the choose and buy a lot of shopping around.
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