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Leather laser engraving cutting machine

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Leather laser engraving cutting machine advantage

laser engraving cutting machine utilization rate at present in the shoe and leather industry is very broad. Why we laser will be so many customer recognition, it is because we take advantage of laser engraving cutting machine may also be leather carving and hollow out rapidly in all kinds of leather fabric out various designs, and automatic processing method and simple numerical control panel is more convenient for our staff operation processing, at the same time our machines when processing make the leather surface produces no extrusion deformation, more can reflect the color and texture of leather itself. It has a high precision carving, hollow out without burrs, arbitrarily selected form, and other advantages, suitable for shoe, shoes, leather goods, handbags, bags, leather wear, etc processing manufacturer's need.

laser engraving cutting machine is to point to connect the laser equipment, laser engraving cutting software, then type automatic carving practices, our website provides a variety of software download interface, set up our own development tool that allows you to better understand and use our machines. At present, laser engraving cutting machine is the field of laser processing technology mature, widely used technology. Using this technology, any complex graphics can be carved. Can undertake carving and does not penetrate the blind slot carving, thus carves two-tone color, texture is different, have administrative levels feeling and transition of all sorts of magic design effect. With these advantages, laser engraving for our country's clothing processing industry brought new processing methods and efficiency.

laser engraving cutting machine is to use laser energy to machining, due to the height of the laser focus, irradiation light slender, heat diffusion zone is small, it is because of these advantages, so is suitable for the cutting of textile fiber fabric. Embodied in the wide range of processing fabrics, incision smooth without flash, automatic convergent, not deformation, the graph can be arbitrary design by computer and output, without the knife mould and so on. This makes the laser processing industry recognized processing alternatives.

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