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Laser equipment factory pioneer series laser engraving cutting machine maintenance

by:Transon     2021-01-11
Laser equipment factory laser engraving cutting machine, with its high quality, high safety, simple operation, by college teachers and students alike, for the convenience of the masses of teachers and students use pioneer series laser engraving cutting machine and simple maintenance, customer service staff to sort out the following laser equipment factory, for your reference:

a, general safety practices in

1: the machine should be placed at room temperature 35 & deg; The following, ventilated environment;

2: machine work, work to avoid physical contact to the laser light path;

3: avoid looking directly at them dazzling light generated in laser processing;

4: as far as possible to reduce or avoid processing flammable and corrosive materials; 5: the machine in working status must have staff beside the guards, in case of an accident.


1: the machine is working, don't be placed on the platform in addition to the other items of material cutting. If is really need place article pressing materials, placed side ensure the goods do not scratch the nozzle position of the focusing lens module.

2: if you need to blow air system, please make sure that the purity of the gas, to avoid access to water is very big, gas and dust particles. Because gas with clear water will echo on the focus lens, lens can heat dissipation function greatly reduced because of the water. When the laser output energy, lens and water will absorb the laser energy and make the focus lens overheat and burst; 3: the inside of the laser machine parameter Settings such as non don't literally change under the professional advice;

3, maintenance

1, daily maintenance

> processing waste, clear in time, keep the work surface clean.

> reflection lens and focus lens cleaning, use cotton swabs and industrial alcohol to wipe.

2, monthly maintenance

> clean lead screw and linear guide rail, the lubricating oil.

> ensure exhaust air cleaning fan

3, note

> do not use more than 80% of the power to work long hours.

> stop processing produce corrosive gas materials ( Such as PVC, etc. ) 。

> equipment and computer must be safely grounded, to ensure that the equipment is not affected by electrostatic interference.

> equipment runtime must have the unattended, prevent.

> avoid direct eye laser light.

> shall not be used without permission, only has trained personnel.
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