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laser engraving machine

by:Transon     2020-04-22
The net friend to ask: what general occasions to use laser engraving machine? Can't you just for a simple description of its USES? Expert reply: laser engraving machine USES is very wide, is widely used in advertising, architecture, material processing and mould manufacturing and other fields. In particular, has the following several aspects: 1, the breastpiece: low power laser engraving machine ( Mirror) , high power or low power computer engraving machine can; 2, the building model: large and small power computer engraving machine; 3, metal ( Mould, chapter, etc. ) Processing: large and small power computer engraving machine ( High power for each cutting is more save time) ; 4, crystal word production: high-power laser engraving machine, More than 50 w) , high power mechanical engraving machine; 5, wood, organic glass, man-made stone signs such as: high power mechanical engraving machine; 6, exhibition, exhibition model: high power, large mechanical engraving machine. Manual sculpture is a craftsman type of labor, it is the engraver 'high intelligence and high skill' integrated activities! Engraving finished product whether become treasures totally depends on teacher's understanding of art, sense of material, carving skills and tireless spirit, this is not a task for ordinary people, also it is so precious, 'sculpture' has become a kind of art, a kind of culture and the symbol of a kind of spirit!
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