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Laser engraving cutting machine which suitable for cutting materials?

by:Transon     2021-01-11
As is known to all, laser engraving cutting machine technology has more and more advanced, but also widely used in various industrial fields, blended in our life. Laser engraving technology has high precision, fast cutting, cutting pattern is not limited to, automatic typesetting, save material, incision smooth, low processing cost, superior performance make its application more and more widely, but is not any materials are used in laser engraving cutting yo!

also have different characteristics, different materials, absorption of the laser is not the same. Some material may the laser absorption of the band, on the other band laser is not absorbed, so in order to better applied to the laser technology, researchers have developed many kinds of material according to different types of laser engraving laser machine, make laser equipment is suitable for the material properties required for industrial production. To have different thickness, different sizes, different shapes of objects, in the process of processing in order to obtain better processing effect, also is in the use of different laser equipment? A wide variety of means more research and development of laser technology advanced and developed.

the main direction of the application of three kinds of laser equipment, used for decoration, advertising, lamps, kitchen utensils and appliances, thin sheet metal parts, electrical cabinet, elevator panels, engineering board, high and low doors processing material, this kind of material is generally thin, thickness is 1 5 mm stainless steel material, like this with medium power laser engraving cutting machine can be cut. The second is cutting plastic ( Polymers). , rubber, wood, paper products, leather and natural or synthetic material of organic matter, because this kind of goods is not metal products, for the absorption of laser is different also, so this kind of goods the best is to use CO2 laser engraving cutting into for cutting. The third kind is the thickness of 8 - Mild steel 20 mm and 12 mm stainless steel, this kind of material need to use high power laser engraving cutting machine, can fast instantaneous cutting, can consider to buy high power fiber laser engraving cutting machine or a high power CO2 laser engraving cutting machine, so we when selecting a laser equipment, not only based on the characteristics of their products, but also to consider the laser equipment performance.

however, is not suitable for the materials don't also go into laser machine processing, lest appear bad phenomena, such as fire or smoke. Laser laser equipment factory equipment is excellent, performance is remarkable, the operation is convenient, as long as normal use in accordance with the requirements, the machine even in high intensity exercise can keep stable for a long time high-speed operation.

guangzhou laser equipment factory photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , over the past 20 years has focused on small and medium-sized power research and development and production of high precision laser engraving cutting machine, and according to the requirement of the major manufacturers and universities, we will give you the high quality service and matching of high configuration product.
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